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NJ Tickets Selling Fast!

New Jersey, tickets are going fast! One tier has already sold out, and 2 more are not far behind! Get your tickets now!


Weekend: 98% Sold

Saturday: 80% Sold

Also, we wanted to address a comment we keep seeing on our posts regarding VIP. We want to clarify that you can still meet our celebrity guests without purchasing a VIP pass (which are all sold out). ⠀

As long as you have a valid admission ticket for the day(s) you are attending, you will have access the show floor and the autograph section where all the celebrity guests will be. Autographs and selfies can be purchased at the show (cash only) at each celebrity guest’s booth. Photo ops will go on sale online as we get closer to show date.⠀

As we mentioned previously, if it’s not completely safe to have this convention in December (meaning without masks and without social distancing), we WILL BE MOVING IT to EARLY 2021. So if you want to attend the event, we suggest you get your tickets, because once it is sold out, we CAN’T open any more. ⠀

Last year was completely sold out, and we are heading that way again for this one. If it is postponed and you can’t make the new date, refunds will be issued at the time we announce the postponement, and if you can attend the new date, tickets will automatically be transferred to the new date. ⠀

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