Our Story

The Beginning

Emerging from the Girl Power movement, That's4Entertainment was created and headed by 4 innovative, determined, and headstrong best friends.  Hailing from different states and countries, uniquely, we only met because of the music group the Spice Girls.  Their message and positivity not only brought us together but empowered us to create a company driven by an all-female force. 


The idea, which emerged while enjoying Thanksgiving together, was to create a world where fans like us, could come together and celebrate these stars, films, tv shows and songs that are such a huge part of our lives.  

That's4Entertainment specializes in conventions and events that focus on creating meaningful and memorable experiences for both fans and celebrity guests alike.

Meet the Team


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Better known as Billboard breakout artist Majesty, Christina is a singer/songwriter whose song, Living in the Moonlight, debuted as the #2 breakout on the Billboard Dance Charts.  Majesty's newest release, Wasted, paired her with Grammy winner Dave Audé (Celine Dion, Madonna, Sting, Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna) for an electrifying dance track that recently debuted at #16 on the UK Pop Dance charts.  She is about to embark on a UK tour to promote her EP "Welcome to the Darkside", co-written with Phil Bently (Christina Aguilera, David Guetta, Tiesto) and produced in collaboration with Grammy winner Scott Jacoby (Coldplay, John Legend). 


Find out more at OfficialMajesty.com


Liliana is CEO of Café Oscuro Films, LLC, an independent film production company established in 2011. She has executive produced the horror feature film “Dark Awakening” in 2015, and dramedy “The Creatress” (2018) starring Fran Drescher, Hollywood legend Peter Bogdanovich, Kayla Ewell and Lindy Booth, currently co-producing “Follow Her” a Thriller/Horror feature directed by the prestigious Sylvia Caminer.


Liliana works with branding development for actor and fitness personality Luke Guldan and also owns a fitness brand which is developing an exciting fitness and travel television series.


Alexandra is a Marketing and International Business professional who has developed her professional practice of 11+ years in the deepening of effective marketing mainly focusing in the Digital environment.  She is a Digital Marketing Strategist, consultant and speaker; SMM specialist, and post-graduate lecturer at some of the most prestigious Universities in Colombia . Her professional experience expands to companies such as Bayer, Internetizando - Digital Strategy, Regus, WPP's GroupM, and projects for the entertainment industry, most recently Café Oscuro Films; a successful film production company focused on the production, development and commercialization of big scale film and digital content



Trinh is a true example of overcoming circumstances to attain what most would describe as the American Dream. Moving to America at a young age, she used the example set by her parents to hone her leadership abilities; with their sacrifices empowering her to provide a good life for her parents and siblings.


 A graduate of Northeastern University, Trinh has a degree in Business Administration, concentrating in Marketing and International Business and a Master’s degree in International Business Practice from St. Mary’s University College in London. By 23 she accomplished her dream of opening a business, and has since built and expanded various businesses, ranging from investments, real estate, international projects, and most recently in banking. When she isn’t working, Trinh enjoys volunteering, especially working with families and donating food to those in need.

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