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Pasadena Postponed!

It is with great sadness that we once again announce the postponement of our Pasadena Christmas Con. While things are finally moving in the right direction, June was just a little too soon for large events to be allowed in California, especially in a way that would be enjoyable and safe for everyone. The show will now take place August 5-7 of 2022.

Though it may be a year away, the positive news is that by that time, we will be able to safely come together and bring you an absolutely amazing show that you will not want to miss!!! The best news?! As of now, our entire celebrity guest roster will remain the same for the new dates. If any of their schedules change between now and then, we will of course let you know.⠀

If you are a ticket holder, you have 2 options:⠀ 🔺 1. Keep your tickets. There is nothing else you need to do, your tickets will automatically be transferred to the new date. If you ordered a lanyard, it will stay also with the order and you will receive it with your badge next year ⠀ 🔺 2. Issue a Refund. If you can't make the new date, refunds are available for ONE week ONLY, and will close on April 11th, 2021. To issue a refund, go to your original email confirmation, click ‘View Order Online’ and you will be taken to your ticket confirmation page where you can process your refund.⠀

Please note, if you do plan on attending Christmas Con next year, it is highly recommended that you KEEP your tickets. Once tickets are gone, we will not be opening new tickets for sale.

🏨 Hotels: If you have made a reservation at one of our partner hotels, we are working on securing a room block for the new dates, however it is not ready just yet. We will post when the new room block is available, so you can re-book your room at the same discounted rate. Please contact the hotels directly to move or cancel your reservation.⠀

📸 All photo op tickets will be automatically transferred to the new show dates, as we have secured the same guests. In the event that one of our announced guests cannot make the new show dates, you will be able to swap that photo op on your confirmation page for an active one if you wish to do so. If you need assistance with a swap or upgrade, you may contact Wolf Studio Photography and they'll be glad to assist you. ⠀ 💙 All of us at That's4Entertainment want to thank you for your continued support as we navigate these difficult times.

PS. Christmas Con NJ is still on for this December!

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