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Melissa Joan Hart - Current headshot_Mar

Clinton Hobart

Clinton Hobart is a Fine Artist, Educator, and Licensed Disney Fine Artist. He creates original oil paintings of a wide variety of subjects ranging from classical subject matter such as fruit and eggshells to more modern subjects such as Mickey Mouse and Doritos. Even his Disney paintings are technically still-lifes, because he works from real objects in front of him. If he cannot find the objects he desires to paint he frequently will build elaborate "Sets" to work from.
He has been featured on NBC News, FOX News, The CW, ABC News, and American Artist magazine. He appeared on CBS News with Scott Pelle after a Chinese company sold forged copies of his paintings online. Afterward, the Huffington Post mentioned the story in an article stating that Clinton was part of a “sting operation.” “A Portrait of Doritos”  the first painting in the snack-food series is in the private collection of actor Michael Rooker from Guardians Of The Galaxy and The Walking Dead.

Melissa Joan Hart - Current headshot_Mar
Melissa Joan Hart - Current headshot_Mar
Melissa Joan Hart - Current headshot_Mar
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Hartford Convention Center
Hartford, CT
March 15, 16 & 17, 2024

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