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Steven & Lily Butler

Steven Butler is a 33 year veteran in the comic book industry who has worked for a wide variety of comic companies on many well-known properties. Born, raised, and still residing on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Steven earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1988, and started his freelance career as a comic book penciler in 1989 for independent company First Comics on their title The Badger. In 1991, he began a long working relationship with Marvel Comics, drawing titles like Punisher War Journal, Silver Sable And The Wildpack, and Web Of Spider-Man, where he had the distinct honor of drawing the first appearance of Spider-Man’s clone Ben Reilly in his guise of The Scarlet Spider.

Steven also did some work for DC Comics around the same time on some Superman titles, as well as some work for Valiant//Acclaim Comics. In 1998, Steven started working for Archie Comics on their Sonic the Hedgehog title and continued working on it for the next seventeen years. Also during this time, he did a lot of comic work for Disney Adventures Magazine.

More recently, Steven has done a lot of cover homage recreations for Brian Pulido’s Lady Death series for his highly successful Kickstarters, and has drawn several covers for both Marvel and DC Comics.

Currently, Steven is teaming up with his daughter Lily Butler to work for Archie Comics again on their digest comics, featuring stories of the Archie gang interacting with a plethora of Archie superheroes-

Of all of his accomplishments in the comics industry over the years, getting to work alongside his own daughter is by far the greatest. He looks forward to what the future holds for the two of them in the business.

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Hartford Convention Center
Hartford, CT
March 17, 18 & 19, 2023

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