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Eric & Julia Lewald


Eric Lewald and Julia Lewald are two of the premier writer-producers in family and youth-oriented television, having earned over 700 produced credits between them. They have been showrunners, together or individually, on 14 series, including the world-wide number-one hit X-MEN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, the breakthrough show that helped bring Marvel characters to TV and movies and made Fox TV the number one network in kids' programming.

The Lewalds have developed series for Universal, MGM, Fox, and Disney; for Ivan Reitman at Northern Lights; and for Spielberg and Katzenberg at Dreamworks. At Sam Raimi's Renaissance Films, they developed and supervised the writing for the 50-episode series Young Hercules, starring Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling. Eric received an Emmy nomination for producing the TV movie My Fair Madeline, while Julia won an Environmental Media Award for her small-screen adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s YA classic, Red Planet.

Eric recently published the behind-the-scenes book Previously on X-MEN: The Making of an Animated Series (Jacobs-Brown, 2017), a history and celebration of the creation of the landmark television show, told by the showrunner, complete with illustrations, photographs, and Eric’s 36 interviews featuring the cast, writers, and artists who made it. This was followed by Eric and Julia’s X-MEN: The Art and Making of an Animated Series (Abrams, 2020), a complementary, large-format art book containing over a thousand designs, cels, and other images from the series, as well as original art created for the book by the series’ artists. Eric and Julia are currently working as Consulting Producers on the new Marvel animated series X-MEN ’97, due to premiere this fall.

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Hartford Convention Center
Hartford, CT
March 17, 18 & 19, 2023

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