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The Addams Family, Back to the Future, Taxi,  One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Christopher will be appearing Saturday and Sunday.

  • Autographs:  $100 -  Standard 8X10 Photo

  • Autographs: $120 - Comic Book Raw or Graded, Books, Magazines, Scripts, Newspaper, Non-Sport Cards, DVDs, Video Games, 11X14/11X17 Photos, Mini Posters, 16X20 Photos, License Plate, Movie Poster, Record Album, Funko Pop, Action Figure, Hat, Signs

  • Autographs: $150 - Hoverboard, Jacket, DeLorean, Shoes, Flux Capacitor, Guitar/Pick Guard, Camcorder, Pepsi Bottle, Sports Equipment

  • Selfie: $100

Professional Photo Ops

  • Solo: $130

  • Solo Op with the DeLorean: $199

  • Back to the Future Duo (Lea, Christopher): $210

  • Back to the Future with DeLorean Duo (Lea, Christopher & the DeLorean): $274

  • Christopher will have a Q&A panel (Date and time TBD)

Autographs and Selfies will be cash only at artist’s table.

Professional Photo Ops are on sale now!

You must have a valid entrance ticket in order

to redeem a photo op.

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Christopher Lloyd

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Hartford Convention Center

Hartford, CT

March 11, 12 & 13, 2022