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Ink Fusion

Tattoos by Marc Draven:

Marc Draven is the creator and director of the Ink Fusion Tattoo Empire –“ Where the Worlds of Tattooing and Pop Culture Collide ". Marc is the only tattoo artist Worldwide, who is licensed by Lucasfilm ltd, but also endorsed by Comic Book Legend Stan Lee. His favorite style of tattooing is pop culture anything of course!

Email Address :

Phone : (813) 967-7278

Website :

Facebook :

Tattoos by Andrea Swabb

Whenever she’s not searching for buried treasure or dreaming of being an intergalactic space pirate... Andrea Swabb is tattooing the wonderful people of our constantly evolving planet. Andrea has been tattooing professionally since 1997 and is thrilled at being an active member of Ink Fusion since 2007. Andrea likes to tattoo anything cartoonish, as well as video-game graphics and comic book style art, and imaginatively all things naturally unusual. To see more of her work you can check out or via facebook at andreaswabb and instagram at inkubine. For booking information please e-mail her at

Tattoos by Brandon Sommers:

Brandon hails from Bradenton, FL where he operates a combination tattoo and comic book shop, Classic Ink and Tytan Comics. It is the Bay Area’s first and only tattoo, piercing, comic, and laser tattoo removal shop, and was recently named the “Best Tattoo Shop in Bradenton” by the Bradenton Herald. 

Brandon’s tattoo style runs the gamete, including realistic portraits of your favorite superheroes to illustrative pieces that remind you of your childhood video games. An avid artist, Brandon has worked in the tattoo and comic book industry for over 15 years. This includes drawing and inking comic books to writing his own comic, “The Witness of the Spirit”, which is soon to be published. His pop culture and geek-infused portfolio demonstrates why he’s a sought-after award-winning artist and has been published in multiple magazines. 

Brandon is an entrepreneur at heart and can be found traveling the world while tattooing at comic conventions, turning pop culture fans of all ages into tattoo enthusiasts worldwide. Along with his other business interests, Brandon’s focus on ensuring quality and sterile techniques helped him create Body Art Educators, a course covering cross-contamination prevention, blood-borne pathogens, and communicable diseases. It has been approved by the State of Florida Department of Health and meets Chapter 64E-28 educational requirements that satisfy Florida state statute sections 381.00771-381.00791.

Recently Brandon opened the Oxford Barbershop in downtown Bradenton, a luxury barbershop boutique, offering the finest in men’s grooming, as well as the Oxford skate shop, selling everything you need from apparel to skate decks and wheels. His ambition and work ethic know no bounds, and it’s only a matter of time before there is yet another endeavor on his plate.

You can view Brandon’s portfolio on Instagram @brandonsommerstattoo

To contact Brandon for an appointment, please DM him on Instagram or email

Tattoos by Kelly Rogers:

Owner of Southwest Florida based Gearhead Tattoo, Kelly Rogers has been traveling the Pop Con Circuit for over 15 years with Ink Fusion Empire. A fan of Sci Fi and Horror, Kelly uses his black and grey specialty to construct pop culture based tattoos into a surrealistic form. Taking notes from Polka Trash, minimalism, and neo traditional tattooing as well puts his tattooing into a category of it’s own. 

Tattoos by Eric Z:

Well intentioned human, versed in the sublime street culture of the world.


Tattoos by Eric Tat-twin:

Piero Tat-twin is an Italian tattoo artist, born and raised in Perù. He has a Master  in Design and is a resident tattooer at Phobos Tattoo Gallery, Verona.

He's been tattooing for 10 years and specializes in New School and Realism. He's an award winning artist working conventions and doing guest spots around the world.

Star Wars art has always been a big part of both his life and his brother's... they've designed posters, t-shirts, logos, etc for the 501st, both for their local Garrison and worldwide. You can meet them at most Star Wars events: from the 1997 Special Edition release, to the 501st Rose Parade Spectacular (including the Documentary Star Warriors), to a cameo as the Jedi Council guards in the fan film hit Dark Resurrection.

Trooping, prop making, old school choppers and muscle cars are a few of his other passions.

Piero is also one of the featured artists on the Star Wars body art book The Force in the Flesh Vol.2.

facebook: Piero Tat-twin
instagram: @pierotattwin

Tattoos by Lauren "JerZy" Milner:

Lauren "JerZy" Milner hails from Morristown,TN. She studies many aspects of nature such as skulls, insects, and herptoculture. Her main focus is in pop culture tattoos involving but not limited to 80's mashups, Horror and Scifi movies, Classic Automoblia, Toys, and Cult Classics created in her own particular style. She enjoys ammasing vast amounts of Master of the Universe, My Little Pony, and Star Wars collectables as well as creating her own custom figures. She finds bacon delectable.




90sCon solo.png

Tampa Convention Center
Tampa, FL
September 15, 16 & 17, 2023

90sCon solo.png

Tampa Convention Center
Tampa, FL
September 15, 16 & 17, 2023

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